And the resignations are linked … Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have yet to face the departure of one of their staff, which may again fuel the rumors suggesting that Meghan is undrinkable.

Meghan Markle’s Trusted Aide to Quit Job After Royal Baby’s Birth
This is the Duchess of Sussex’s third aide to leave her job over the last couple of months.

This time it’s Amy Pickerill’s turn, the couple’s private secretary, to throw in the towel. According to a source close to this employee, it would be a blow for her colleagues because it would be very appreciated.

So again the storm within the royal house since it is the Duchess herself who would have chosen to be his private secretary.

“She agreed to stay until the baby was born and help organize their new household, but after she wants to move on. ” Would have brought one of his friends.

Amy helped Meghan organize various aspects of her life, including her philanthropic projects.

“It’s a real shock. How would someone want to leave such a prestigious position? ” Is the question that is on everyone’s lips … and suggests that work for Meghan is a living hell.

It would be the third start of a major member of the couple’s staff since last year.

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