Michael B. Jordan wants to make his own Black Superman streaming

A limited series for the HBO MAX platform is reportedly in the works.

He played the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four and also Killmonger against Black Panther . But Michael B. Jordan has every intention of cheating on Marvel! According to  Collider , the actor is preparing a project for the competing DC team, with Warner Bros. and his production company, Outlier Society. And not just any project: a Black Superman destined for the HBO Max platform! A story centered on the character of Val-Zod, a black character from the DC comics.

And this is the big difference with the other similar event underway, the one worn by Ta-Nehisi Coates and producer JJ Abrams , who have been working for a few months on a Black Superman , but who would be Kal-El.

Michael B. Jordan , who previously tried unsuccessfully to launch his film in 2019, is not, according to some sources, interested in the idea of ​​a change in Kal-El’s skin color and wants an object centered on a Superman who has always been black. Hence Val-Zod, Kryptonian of Earth-2, one of the last survivors of his kind in the universe. A very recent character in comics, since he was born on paper in 2014.

For now, the project has hired a screenwriter whose identity is still a secret. And he would be working on a limited series and not a movie, still according to Collider . Jordan’s role is also unclear. We know he will produce, but it remains to be seen if he will also play in it.

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