Miley Cyrus is famous. But his family too! But do you know all the secrets of this highly publicized clan?

# 1 His parents are regulars of the divorce.

They divorced in 2010 after rumors of infidelity … before getting back together and re-divorce in 2013.

# 2 Hannah Montana has been a problem for the family.

According to Miley’s father, Billy Ray, the Disney series in which his daughter was playing destroyed the balance of the family. The young star would have lost control … dragging the other members of the clan into a series of problems and arguments.

# 3 Liam Hemsworth is not liked by the whole family.

Everyone does not like Liam in the family … Trace, Miley’s brother finds him lazy and dirty! Miley would have begged him to give him a chance.

# 4 Miley’s mother was a groupie …

Billy Ray, singer and musician, who later became her husband! But she was not a fan of him since she would have ended up in the arms of Bret Michael, another star musician in the United States. A story that would have led the couple straight to divorce.

# 5 Anxiety is a family problem.

Miley has regularly had anxiety and depression issues, but also panic attacks on the set of Hannah Montana. His brother Trace, part of the Metro Station group, had to cancel a tour because of anxiety and addiction to alcohol.

# 6 Miley has a half-brother.

Before meeting Tish, Miley’s mother, Billy Ray had a date with a waitress … who gave birth to Christopher. Miley and Christopher are only eight months apart.

# 7 Miley uses Twitter to challenge her father.

And especially during the divorce of his parents in 2013. She had posted and deleted this post:

“Since you do not answer my messages, I give you an hour to tell the truth or I’m going to do it. ”

This is what is called wash dirty linen in public.

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