We knew that the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony was going to be different, with the coronavirus pandemic shaking up the annual ceremony. However, the VMAs of Sunday evening (August 30) marked the general public, with very strong messages on the problems of security, social justice and of course after the premature departure of a movie star …# 1 Keke Palmer’s intro

“As difficult as it was, there were some incredible inspiring moments that gave hope to my generation. “ She said, before mentioning the black lives matter and the recent unrest in Kenosha.

“We can never tolerate police brutality, nor any injustice. “# 2 The Weeknd’s speech

Kicking off the 2020 VMAs with one of the top titles of the year, The Weeknd was going strong… Later, he accepted two Moonmen, including the Video of the Year award for Blinding Light, and took the opportunity to call for justice for the death of Breonna Taylor and the murder of Jacob Blake.# 3 DaBaby’s visual

“Stop killing us. “ Could be read on a sign during the performance DaBaby on Rockstar. The singer of The Song of the Summer, who received a remix from Black Lives Matter in June, thus put forward another powerful visual to evoke police brutality.# 4 Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball returns

Miley Cyrus’ presentation of her new single Midnight Sk was relatively soft there – until she climbed a staircase and jumped on top of a giant disco ball, reminiscent of her iconic music video Wrecking Ball.# 5 Maluma’s Drive-In and Best Latin Win

Dressed in a canary yellow costume, flanked by dancers in glittering masks and performing in front of a socially distant audience wisely installed in cars, Colombian Maluma brought a caliente touch to Brooklyn before winning the award for Best Latin Video With Que Pena with J Balvin.# 6 BTS’s first explosive VMA

It’s hard to believe the BTS boys hadn’t performed at a VMA ceremony before 2020, but they certainly made the most of their first times. With Dynamite , they offered a historic performance of an already unmissable pop hit.# 7 Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s medley.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande shared a scene – responsibly, of course, each wearing a mask (surprisingly enough regarding Lady Gaga’s) – and performed their hit Rain On Me as the centerpiece of a jam-packed medley. ‘energy.# 8 The MTV nostalgia streak by Doja Cat

All longtime MTV viewers are familiar with MTV News’ legendary graphic intros, and before kicking off her performance of Say So, Doja Cat graced the channel’s history by playing a presenter who … had never heard of talk about Doja Cat.# 9 Lady Gaga’s masks

Of course, Gaga’s many speeches, in particular the one for her Tricon Award, marked the evening … but it was above all her various sanitary masks that blew viewers away.# 10 CNCO dance moves

The CNCO boys put on the show with their new single Beso , accompanied by a special choreography nod to the old boy bands. We could find some of the most famous movements of the Backstreet Boys and * NSYNC.# 11 Chadwick Boseman’s Multiple TributesThe Black Panther star’s untimely death at the age of 43 shocked the world on Friday night, and the VMAs rightly honored the actor – first with an intro by host Keke Palmer to talk about this “devastating loss” and then with a touching clip from one of Boseman’s acceptance speeches at the MTV Movie Awards.# 12 The Black Eyed Peas Grand Final

A decade after having dominated the pop charts with hits like Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling , the Black Eyed Peas continue to make the whole world dance, and especially during the closing show of the VMA 2020, boosted with their new album!

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