Mulan to be Disney’s first live PG-13 remake

Besides, the Emperor (played by Jet Li) will fight!

Double info about the live version of Mulan this week: The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the film by Niki Caro will be the first remake of a classic Disney cartoon to be stamped PG-13 (not recommended for children under 13 unaccompanied of an adult). It will also be the studio’s first live with this ban since the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 , released in 2017. A decision made by the American censorship committee for “its violent sequences”, specifies the article.

It must be said that epic battles will play a large part in this adaptation. The heroine will obviously infiltrate the Chinese army to be trained in combat, before facing the Huns, and she will not be the only one to fight: Empire reveals that Jet Li , who plays the Emperor in this version, does not will not sit on his throne. “Jet Li is one of the greatest Wushu masters of all time,” explains producer Jason Reed. He will not just sit on his throne reading scrolls in our film. Jet has a big heart, a big soul, but he’s also a warrior, okay? So at some point he’ll descend from his throne and join the fight. “

Mulan will be released on March 25, 2020.

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