Currently in Cape Town in South Africa, Nabilla and Thomas were very scared!

The little family has been there for a few days, because Nabilla presents Love Island on Amazon Prime Video.

Very accustomed to social networks, the couple is rarely silent on the platform but after 24 hours of absence their fans began to worry … Finally, Nabilla and Thomas recently explained.

It was Nabilla who first recounted their frightening experience:

“We did not smoke yesterday because we had a small food poisoning. We ate seafood or meat … We don’t really know where it comes from. Suddenly, we did not move all day yesterday. We just threw up, it was awful. Fortunately the nanny was there for our son. We were both in a deplorable state. “

“We took pills. We wondered if we had caught a virus, we also had a fever, but ultimately, it’s better. We had to vomit twenty times, we were tired, we couldn’t take it anymore. I thought we were going to be quarantined. “

Thomas for his part said he had ” never had it in his life. “

” It took ten or twelve hours before coming. At one point, I thought we had coronavirus. We had chills, a fever … I never had that in my life. “

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