New touching images of True Nature finally unveiled!

On October 7 at 9 pm on TVA, we will finally find the enchanting scenery of Lac-Brome and its cottage where the filters of our favorite stars fade, the time of a day of confidences as new as touching. After having moved more than 1.1 million viewers in its last season and won two Gemini awards, the show True Nature comes back soon with a list of guests that tickles our curiosity.

Thanks to the empathy and openness of the host Jean-Philippe Dion, the show promises a multitude of moving moments and just as many laughs.

We already knew that Olivier Primeau, the owner of the Beachclub and advisor to the XOXO show, and Safia Nolin would be there, but we did not know the identity of the third person who was going to enjoy a 24-hour refresher their company at the cottage of the real nature. Well, imagine that it is none other than the actress Guylaine Tremblay! A surprising trio that may cause unique moments of human connection that you will not want to miss!

Also, while several guests had already been announced, others appeared on the list today. Will also be part of Hugo Girard, Sonia Benezra, Pierre-Yves Lord, Deschâtelets Louise, Judi Richards, José Godet and Kristopher Letang.

To make us wait during the few days that separate us from the diffusion of the first episode, the true nature offers us the trailer of this eagerly awaited second season. There are brief excerpts that, we must admit, we are already drawing a small beginning of tear on the corner of the eye.

In a press release, the host Jean-Philippe admits that the moments lived during the 18 episodes of this season are particularly charged with emotions: “Since June, we have already welcomed 36 of the 54 guests who will stay at the chalet of the true nature this year. We had incredible moments, with trios even more daring. I feel that the experience of the guests this year is even stronger. They do not want to leave the place anymore! ”

In short, more than a few dodos before discovering small hidden sides of our inspirational Quebec personalities!

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