OD Greece: It will be the Hecate on the red carpet

Earlier this week, Jay Du Temple gave us some gossip about the beginning of the season of Occupation Double Greece, but impossible to tell him how many candidates will be eliminated on the red carpet, which will be broadcast on Sunday. from 6:30 pm. Never mind, the production has announced this morning, and we will witness a real slaughter since it is almost half of 16 singles who will have to pack, except of course Philippe and Pezie who have a place assured in the adventure.

Indeed, three guys and three girls will have to say goodbye to the Mediterranean the first night. The process of elimination also looks very juicy, since ladies will have to introduce themselves to gentlemen, who will choose which ones will enter the magnificent houses. What they do not know is that they watch their deliberation live, and that the girls chosen will then have to select the guys who will have the chance to continue their Greek odyssey. The reaction of Andrew, Gabriel, Jonathan, Olivier, Pierre-Hans, Renaud, Tomy Jo and Yan when the animator with the voluminous mane announces this first twist sets the tone, it’s clear!

Let’s say it gives us we can not wait to see how Alexandra B., Alexandra G., Catherine, Julie-Anne, Karolane, Lisa, Maude and Maria-Laura will take the new …!

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