Oscars confirmed without master of ceremonies: a first for 30 years

Kevin Hart has rejected the sponge, and he will not be replaced.

After several weeks of hesitation, it is now official: the 91st Academy Awards will not have a master of ceremonies, relays Canal +, the channel that will broadcast the show live on February 24th. A first for 30 years! If this happened regularly from the 1950s to the 1970s, the last Oscars to not have had an official presenter to inaugurate the show with an opening monologue goes back to 1989, edition of the triumph of Rain Man .

This decision was made by members of the Academy following the surrender of Kevin Hart . Shortly after being announced at the Oscars 2019 MC, the American comedian has backtracked because old homophobic messages have resurfaced on social networks. Last week, he was invited by Ellen Degeneres to speak openly about this scandal, and the presenter publicly defended it by considering that he had apologized, but that did not calm the netizens angry at his bad jokes. He has since reiterated his decision not to present the ceremony.

On the other hand, several key figures of Hollywood will rise well on stage to give awards. The winners of previous years, already, who are traditionally responsible for announcing the winners who succeed them (with a reversal for the categories actors / actresses: the best actress awards the Oscar to the best comedian, and vice versa). There will also be stars responsible for the show between two awards ceremony. A maximum of Marvel Avengers interpreters are expected. The studio obviously wants to make a mark before the release of Endgame , the sequel to Infinity War , which is expected at the cinema in the spring.

The nominations will be announced on January 22, and the ceremony will be held on February 24.

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