PPDA and Beatrice Dalle: 25 years later, they finally make peace

Twenty-five years after offering a live account settlement to viewers, PPDA and Béatrice Dalle met on October 30th.


On March 12, 1992, Patrick Poivre Arvor receives Beatrice Dalle in his 8 o’clock news. The actress is in promo for Claude Lellouch’s film,  Belle histoire. The journalist then evokes his recent concerns with justice: “Do you regret having stolen these jewels?” The day before, Beatrice Dalle is sentenced to six months of suspended imprisonment and a fine of 20,000 francs for stealing jewelry from a jewelery store in Paris.


The actress then responds to Patrick Poivre Arvor: “And you, do you regret some letters that you sent me? And of which I would never have spoken to you if you had not asked me this question, when you were asked before you shut up, you do not have a word “. Invited a few years later on the set of private life public life, PPDA defends itself: “You must know that it had made the headlines, a few days earlier, so it was unfortunately a public affair, not private.

This settling of accounts live on television marks the beginning of a long quarrel between the two personalities. But 25 years later, the hatchet seems buried. On October 30th, Patrick Poivre Arvor and Béatrice Dalle were posing together during Claude Lellouch’s 80th birthday at the Parisian restaurant Victoria.

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