Rambo: Last Blood, a new bloody epilogue for Stallone

Sly once again says goodbye to Rambo, and massacres a Mexican cartel on occasion.

The last sequence of John Rambo (2008) was overwhelming. The veteran was returning to the family home, but it was unclear whether the return was for real or only in Rambo’s imagination. Real or fantasized, this coming home was the perfect epilogue of the film, just as John Rambo was the perfect epilogue of a series to which Stallone had ambivalent feelings. Never again Rambo! he said in the 90s. History to dissociate himself from a character after Rambo III symbol of a triumphant America – that same one who was fucking Rambo in prison on his return from Vietnam. The double Rocky Balboa and John Rambogave Stallone the opportunity to give his two characters a national funeral. From this point of view, the plan failed: the success of the two films would boost the franchises. In 2010, Sly could say that the character was “finished” in his eyes because he had returned home at the end of the first film, the industry claimed a fifth Rambo. So here is Rambo: Last Blood , true to its unchanged pitch for a decade: John massacred a Mexican cartel to save a young woman kidnapped by the narcotics (it was a question of a time to send Rambo hunt a genetically modified creature, but we do not know not too much if Sly, who left the realization of the film to Adrian Grünberg, director of Kill the Gringowith Mel Gibson, had proposed this pitch for the producers to leave him alone).

John came back to the house. But he does not live there, leaving the home to Maria, an old Mexican friend. He lives, apparently rid of the Rambo look (no longer long hair or headband), in tunnels dug under the family farm in the middle of guns, forging knives and trying to resist the nightmares of the Viet again. Nam:. On the eve of her departure for college, Gabrielle, Maria’s daughter-raised by Rambo in the last decade-is kidnapped in Mexico by a cartel trying to find her biological father. Of course, Rambo will try to find her, and confront the members of the cartel led by two ruthless brothers. All this will end in a terrible massacre. Like his hero, Rambo: Last Bloodapply his plan of attack to the letter. The first hour, devoid of all forms of armed violence, is increasing the pressure for the public to fully accept the rampage of violence Rambo to horrible narcotics , which do not escape a stereotypical view of contemporary Mexico as seen by the writers of American fiction. That said, it works and we feel a real anger when the film rocking in its last part, where Rambo attracts the villains in his field to turn into mincemeat in the heart of his tunnels riddled with deadly traps. This is one of the beautiful ideas of the film: Rambo, Minotaur PTSD, uses the labyrinth of his madness and memories to crush his enemies.

Stallone does not try to do anything other than Stallone. It’s not John Wick: compared to other contemporary action movies, Last Blood is short (1:40, while John Wick 3 was 2:11), live, effective. It goes straight to the point: give an epilogue to the saga Rambo. Once again. How often do we see Stallone reciting the kaddish of his characters next to a tomb in the shade of a tree? It’s still a film-epilogue in Sly’s filmo, which does not really seem to decide to put an end to the saga. Like Creed , like Creed II , as Expendables2 and 3. Another epilogue. Nothing ever ends. The pretty prologue where Rambo, on horseback, tries to save hikers lost in the forest during a night storm, is the other beautiful idea. “It’s a volunteer tracker, burnt by the war,” said a cop about him. From there, one could have imagined a Rambo without firearms, without murders, a survival in nature where the massive silhouette of the former green beret could have become that of a true savior rather than that of a slaughterer . The film is aware of it. In another beautiful scene, Rambo enters a clandestine brothel to save Gabrielle. Hammer in hand, he knocks the customers and the narcos, and shouts to the girls to escape. They all refuse, one after the other. , they say. Stallone seems to deliver the violence in Last Blood reluctantly, as if he wanted to satisfy his audience. The violence of the film oscillates between pure gratuity (Rambo tortures a Mexican to make him confess a piece of information by clapping his collarbone, guaranteed effect), and ellipses (thankfully!) On scenes of prostitution that we have no harm in s’ imagine atrocious. Rambo says it in the movie: “I tried to go home, I did not get there” . It only remains for him to kill as many bad guys as possible and wait for death. Or, as all of Stallone’s recent filmo seems to mean to us, including this Last Blood , to push back the end, as long as possible.

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