Richard Donner promises Lethal Weapon 5 will be the last

“It is both my duty and a privilege to end the saga.”

At 90, Richard Donner signed to shoot the fifth and final episode of Lethal Weapon . In 2021, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover should find him on the set, to play one last time the police officers Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh. Because it will be the end of the saga, assured the director to the Telegraph : “It will be the final episode. It is both my duty and a privilege to put an end to the saga. is very exciting, you know … Ahahah! This will be the last, I promise you. “

The first installment of L’Arme fatale was such a success in 1987 that it has had several sequels over time, with number 4 dating back to 1998 (not to mention all the producers who were inspired by this reference from the action comedy for their own films). Richard Donner directed all the episodes, but each new sequel was a bit below the previous feature. Will this final opus make it possible to come full circle? Note that this will be Donner’s first achievement in fifteen years, his last film 16 Blocks dating back to 2006.

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