Riri is what is called an accomplished business woman: with 9 Grammy in her pocket, 4 platinum albums, a make-up line and another one of clothes as well as her own perfume and all her charitable commitments she is busier than a president.

But she did not come here overnight, it took her years to move from the little girl in Barbados to the legend she is today.

We have compiled ten quotes to motivate ourselves to take the same route … to SUCCESS!

1 On self-confidence

“I was very shy at one point. I knew what I was worth, what I believed in but I was not very talkative. In Barbados it is said that one must speak only when one speaks to us. It is seen as polite not to chat. So it took me time to get out of my shell. “

2 About staying humble

“For me it’s thanks to my mother,” she replied when asked how she was doing to stay so humble despite her success.

3 On periods of hollow

” I pray. A lot. And I try to see the reason behind each situation. Even if I can not believe it at the moment, I thank God anyway because I know that everything will eventually get better and that he will watch over me. “

4 On racism

“You know, when I started to understand that there was a difference it was when I wanted to do business. And you know, it’s an endless thing. And it continues.

So it pushes me to do everything to prove to those who have not believed in less that they were wrong. It almost excites me: I know they expect something from me, so I like to go beyond their expectations. “

5 On dishonest people

“The Bitch Better Have My Money song can be understood in different ways even if the money is at the center of the song. Basically, it’s mostly about not being easy, to take care of your business. And to be paid when we worked like crazy. “

6 On music streaming

“Streaming counts today. They treat us like real artists, as we deserve. And it’s not done blind! Before the streaming, we were robbed. Now streaming music counts so much that she does everything in the music industry. “

7 About sleeping well

“My body is chelous. I wake up at dawn and have trouble falling asleep. My thoughts keep me from getting sleep. “

8 On the wine

When she saw a Rolling Stone reporter looking at her wine collection, she just shrugged and said, “It was sold with the house. ” Ok Riri!

9 On her makeup line

“We have a real connection with our customers. A very intimate thing, because they never managed to find the shade they needed before our line. Some even cry at the cashier: it’s crazy. The first person I saw with whom makeup was my mother (a black woman), so I really want to see my clients can find their color and be truly represented. “

10 On his passion

“At first, I did not feel like an artist. I felt like an object. I said to myself ‘Hey, here I am, I make money for this label but I do not have fun because I can not be myself.’

So finally I ended up saying to myself ‘you know what? Why would not I do all this in MY way? ‘ I rebelled, I cut my hair, I changed my image, my music. “ 

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