Rodrigo Alves, aka the human Ken, hospitalized urgently after a burnout

Rodrigo Alves, better known by the nickname “human ken”, was hospitalized urgently in England following a holiday weekend in Los Angeles.


Rodrigo Alves may be nicknamed the “human Ken”, he does not have the resistance of a plastic doll and his body can sometimes show him that he excesses. The 34-year-old Brazilian was hospitalized urgently in England last weekend after spending two days celebrating Halloween in Los Angeles.


The star of the plastic surgery told MailOnline that he had burned out and had been admitted to the hospital urgently: “I completely broke down, to make Halloween in Los Angeles exhausted to the point that I ended up in the hospital once back in England. ” And just back on his feet, Rodrigo Alves intends to take good care of him. He decided to go to India to strengthen “his immune defenses”: “I’m going to India this week to do a detox.”

Surgery, a renaissance

In an interview with the Sun, Rodrigo Alves explained how aesthetic surgery had been liberating for him: “Cosmetic surgery was the only way for me to reconnect with my soul. bad body and it took a lot of courage to fix it, and after my operations I gained self-confidence and started to live as I did. “

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