Runaway – Fanny continues to move away from her family

We have already seen more than half of Rufous and we can not imagine that the series is already over. Ludivine Reding, who plays Fanny, has also recently seen the last episode and we can only imagine that we will have as wet cheeks as his when it will be our turn to listen, in a few weeks.

But by then, the fall to hell of this teenager which we follow the entry into the universe of pimps continues. In the trailer of the episode tonight, we see that the young woman will change appearance, now that she is wanted by the police and her family, including his little sister and his mother who distribute notices of search in this heart-breaking extract. Already in fugue, we understand that the distance with his parents (Lynda Johnson and Claude Legault) is only likely to widen further since Damien (Jean-François Ruel) offers him a plane ticket … This last will be also in the hot water from Carlo (Iannicko N’Doua) and we doubt that it is in connection with what happened to Natacha (Kimberly Laferriere).

We are likely to witness a real race against the clock tonight when it will be necessary to find Fanny before it is too late.

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