Salma Hayek believes that men should also sacrifice themselves for equal pay

After the symbolic march yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival and the speech of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, the beautiful actress Salma Hayek joins the discussion on equal pay.

According to an article in the Journal de Montréal, one of the 82 women who demonstrated yesterday on the Cannes market strongly believes that not only producers and directors should be involved, but also the actors themselves: Producers are not the only ones who must act to close wage gaps. The actors too.

According to the actress of Mexican origin, discrimination of all kinds in the world of cinema must stop, and everyone must act accordingly: “If the budget of a film is $ 10 million, the male star must understand that asking for $ 9.7 million will make it difficult to achieve equal pay. “

It’s so sad to see that it happens so often … again in 2018.

As part of the Women in Motion project, which aims to stimulate debate and stimulate reflection on the place of women in the film industry, a program started in 2015, Frida’s interpreter in 2003 states that it’s time to give the actresses. To give in a fair and respectful way.

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