Sarah Michelle Gellar is in mourning

This is a difficult test for Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is currently mourning Michael Gershman, her longtime father figure. In a moving message shared on her social networks, the actress paid tribute to this extraordinary man, who accompanied him in the important stages of his life.

“This photo was taken during my wedding, during the traditional father / daughter dance. Since I did not have a father with whom to dance while Freddie was dancing with his mother, this incredible man came forward. Michael Gershman. I was lucky enough to have this great man in my life. He is the finest example of all that a man and a generous father must be. I consider myself so lucky that his two daughters had the greatness of soul to share it with me. I learned to love good sushi with him. And although he tried to teach me the love of good wine, it was his love of sake that marked me. When I had my Akita, it was Michael who taught me to take care of a big dog. His thanksgiving dinners are epic. All I know about photography and lighting is thanks to Michael. The lessons I learned from him are endless. But beyond lessons, there was love. The world lost Michael last Saturday. His love of life was contagious, and I will try to ignore mourning to appreciate life as he did. Thanks to Lauren and Abby for always sharing your dad with me. Thanks to Cecilia for making her so happy and for encouraging her to explore all her passions. I’m lucky to have been loved by Michael, “she wrote.

Following the divorce of her parents, when she was only seven, Sarah Michelle Prinze, née Gellar, lost contact with her biological father. Arthur Gellar died in 2001. The actress will celebrate this year 18 years of relationship with Freddie Prince Jr, as well as 16 years of marriage with the love of his life. The couple had two children, Charlotte and Rocky, aged eight and five.

The most beautiful family is not always the one in which one is born, but often the one that one creates oneself. And this testimony of Sarah Michelle Gellar is a vibrant proof!M

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