Did you know that Scarlett Johansson had a twin brother named Hunter ? Probably not … But why do not we ever see it?

Here are some plausible explanations.

# 1 He lives in the shadow of his sister.

“When we were kids in New York, we had a normal city life. We took the metro to go to school, we made trips to the beach or the museum with our grandmother. When we entered high school and started a career, movie fans started to approach her, and from that moment on, we started going to school. Taxi. ” He told the magazine Parade.

# 2 He is more interested in politics than cinema.

If we could see him appear alongside his sister in Manny & Lo, Hunter is more focused on politics than acting. He served as Barack Obama’s advisor in 2008 and participated in protest movements against Trump’s election.

# 3 He does not like celebrity.

“There are sometimes times when my sister can move without being recognized. When these moments come, it reminds me of life before celebrity, when we were kids, and I cherish that. ”

# 4 They want to protect their relationship.

For Scarlett, his brother is his “second half” and confesses that “nothing is more important than his twin. ”

# 5 He spends a lot of time doing charity work.

In particular, he participated in the fundraising activities after Hurricane Sandy.

# 6 Her modeling career did not take off.

Hunter tried the modeling but it did not work. He still posed for some brands like Tod’s.

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