School Life: Funny and Incisive

Two years after Patients, Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir recidivate with a new comedy in a closed environment, a college of 93.

At Première, Patientshad bluffed us. For their first film, Grand Corps Malade and Medhi Idir combined with masterful sense of the valve, subtle characterization, discreet humanism and careful staging. On all these plans, School Life seduced in turn, the effect of surprise in less. By choosing a tagged genre – the school movie – the two thieves have not yet opted for ease. Their good idea? Adopt the slightly offbeat view of a CPE (senior education advisor, who ensures the application of the rules of procedure) on a school life usually lived, on screen, from the inside by the teachers or teachers. students. GCM and Idir film this CPE as a heroine of modern times, desperate to save themselves, their narcissistic and unconsciously self-destructive tendencies, students in difficulty from a college of 93. The solar Zita Hanrot is perfect for the role, similar to that held by Pablo Pauly in Patients,which pulled the secondary characters up. Around her, the faithful Alban Ivanov , Soufiane Guerrab and Moussa Mansaly compete with punchlines and presence, injecting a crazy energy into this social comedy and humanist ilmée with a rare elegance. We do not forget the young actors, whose experience and inimitable style participate in the famous “real effect” wanted by the authors, animated by the noble intention to change our gaze on the suburbs.

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