Secret extract from Dory’s World

Director Andrew Stanton had asked to keep the footage absolutely secret.

Released in 2016, the Finding Nemo sequel surprised Pixar fans by being the opposite of the original animated film. Where the first opus was an adventure without downtime and filled with very fun moments, Finding Dory made an impression for its sadder tone, plunging into the poignant story of the little blue fish who loses his memory.

By presenting the first images of The World of Dory a few months before its release, the director Andrew Stanton had made the journalists present promise to keep the most absolute secrecy on certain images – absent from the promotion and the trailers – before its release. When it was finally released in the United States, Disney was finally able to show some clips of Dory as a child. A video too cute that we are sharing today, on the occasion of its replay on 6Ter.

This is the beginning of the film, a great flashback where we discover Baby Dory – the kid version of Dory, the fish with immediate memory problems – and her parents playing hide and seek. The disappearance of Dory’s parents will be a foundational trauma for the heroine, who in the sequel to Finding Nemo will go in search of them. A terribly cute clip that ties in with Piper , the Pixar short screened before Dory, who also thoroughly plays the absolute kawaii (a little bird learns to overcome his fear of waves) which seems to be the studio standard these days. -this.

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