Sexual exploitation: Luck Mervil pleads guilty

Luck Mervil pleaded guilty today to the Montreal courthouse to a charge of sexual exploitation, acknowledging abuse of a teenager for a six-month period in 1996. The singer-songwriter had been arrested in 2014, following charges of sexual assault on a minor. The nature of these accusations was later changed, since the artist was at the time in position of authority vis-a-vis the young woman. At the time, Lucknerson Mervil, his real name, was 29 years old, while the teenager was 17 years old.

The victim, whose identity remained anonymous thanks to a publication ban issued by the judge, as well as the artist, will address the judge this Friday, revealed Radio-Canada. A common suggestion for the award will be presented by the lawyers of both parties.

Eight years ago, Luck Mervil announced his withdrawal from the artistic field to focus on his humanitarian projects in Haiti.

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