No, Shakira does not diet: she eats healthy to stay healthy. And his coach gives us his secrets to imitate him and be good in our body!

Anna Kaiser, the coach of Shakira, said in an interview that “to prepare for a huge concert, do not go on a diet to be thin but prepare your body to be able to give everything in the most healthy way possible. “

And if you also want to give everything, then here are some tips :

1 Fill up on protein

And why not pancakes full of protein? This is what Anna proposes. “They are full of fiber and full of protein. Just mix a few things and it only takes five minutes. “

Because it is important to increase their protein intake when one is about to make a lot of effort.

2 Nibble in the day

Because of her completely crazy schedule, Shakira does not have many moments to eat. So it’s important to:

“Make sure to eat small meals throughout the day to boost the body. It’s easier to digest and more. “

3 Combining the right products

When our body does not digest, we have plenty of energy. So Anna makes sure that Shakira eats easily digestible products while combining food to not miss anything.

His advice : mix proteins and vegetables, or carbohydrates and vegetables but never proteins and carbohydrates. As for fruits or dairy products: you have to eat them alone.

With all this, you do not need coffee anymore!

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