sketch 74 10 BCE resized

A few nice movie reviews images I found:

sketch 74 10 BCE resized
movie reviews
Saw the movie 10,000 BC yesterday.

It hurts on some levels.

The good: I liked the character’s outfits. Wrong on the little details, the ratio of youth to adults… Economic factors, geographic details, the way the animals would’ve acted based on their modern decendants, what species a sabre-tooth tiger actually is. (It’s a bear people, not at cat.)

Our plains dewelling heroes are able to do quite well in three different climates too. They easily adapt to the mountains no one has crossed, the lush jungle that they would never have seen it’s like before and even the desert itself, crossing it without loss of life.

Going north through the desert too.

No, all of those details bothered me. I wasn’t even able to treat it as a fantasy movie (and therefore if they had pulled out a raygun I wouldn’t have thought twice about it… They did try to include a reference to Altantis so you never knew)

I mostly couldn’t treat it like a fantasy movie because the narrator they felt the movie needed was treating with more seriousness then the subject should’ve had.

The narrator just killed me, his opening line caused me to start laughing. Delievered seriously we had, ‘This happened so long ago that no one knows what parts are truth and which are legend.’ (more or less anyway)

I would believe that the narrator was added to the movie after some screenings in which they got reports that ‘I didn’t know what was happening.’

The problem with that is the narrator is all knowing, so if he says it was only a couple of days to cross the mountains, then we know it was only a couple of days. If the characters dialogue (which again is real) goes, ‘It has been days since we saw their trail, how do we know which way to go?’ then we have the elastic range of how many days. We become more forgiving of the four radically different climate zones all within a short walk of each other. After all, it could have been a week instead of a day to cross that jungle.

No, the voice over narrator has to explain things. It makes the mind hurt and flail at some of the lines.

Now, to be fair as the movie was aimed at a PG crowd (and the boy the right age who is included as the four eyes character you can identify with confirms that)
Stray thought, I wonder if the reverse would work? A movie about a team of wet sporting event cheerleaders that need a new coach (a young 20ish pretty boy) to lead them to the global championships and the late 30’s early 40 year old bus driver who becomes part of their adventures as the same thing for that market? hmmm….

Anyway, the voice over was the worse part of the movie. I can’t say that anything else worked for it either, but I really hated the voice over. Three (and only three) digital creatures put in an appearance. I was surprized that they weren’t dinosaurs, but with only three…

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