Son of Ghostman Nominated for 2013 Rondo Award for Best Independent Film

Montrose, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

BoomBam productions is proud that the company’s first feature film, Son of Ghostman, has been nominated for a 2013 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Independent Feature Film.

Son of Ghostman is a romantic comedy about a recently dumped, unemployed man in his thirties who decides to moonlight as the ‘son’ of his childhood hero, a bygone local horror host named Ghostman. When his videos go viral, he must settle an old score with a high school rival who happens to be the reigning king of horror hosts in his community, all while keeping his identity secret from the new woman in town he’s fallen for.

Son of Ghostman was written and directed by two-time Nicholl Quarterfinalist Kurt Larson, who as an actor counts The Terminal, Jarhead, ER, and Harry’s Law among his professional credits. Larson stars in Son of Ghostman as the nefarious Count Dracool, opposite leads Devin Ordoyne (Denny McNamara) and Angela Gulner (Claire).

Every facet of the film’s production was captained by Larson or his sole crew member, film partner Gabriel Guyer. It was shot on location in Montrose over the course of 25 days, as they transformed Larson’s home completely into the Son of Ghostman set.

The film has received universally rave reviews, despite its relatively unknown cast and obscure visibility.

Dread Central recently reviewed the film and wrote, “The fact that a crew of just two guys was able to put something together that looks and feels this professional is amazing.” Horror Society adds, “A shining example of independent film done correctly”, it’s “a well-written comedy with an ever building plot, Son of Ghostman is going to be one of the best horror-comedies to watch in 2014.”

The praise for this indie film continues from such sites as,,, and I Like Horror Movies writes: “To paraphrase the great Ghostman himself, ‘in this wretched, soul-sucking parasitic world of ours… You need someone to save you from the doors of bore’ and Kurt Larson may just be that someone.”

Larson wrote the film as both homage to classic horror hosts and the John Hughes-esque movies of the 1980’s. “I think what horror hosts do is incredibly unique, and it takes a special type of person to throw on monster makeup in an effort to entertain people. I adore them. I wanted to combine that with a nostalgic, sweet movie that reminded audiences it’s okay to smile, to root for a happy ending, and to remember what they loved about movies from the 80’s.”

The Rondo Hatton awards have become a renowned destination for horror and geek artists alike. The 2013 Rondo Awards promises to continue their tradition of recognizing significant works of art in the horror and cult field. Filmmakers like Kevin Smith and Guillermo del Toro have publicly claimed their love for the awards and their iconic tiny sculptures, patterned after cult acting favorite Rondo Hatton.

Son of Ghostman is currently available on Amazon, Amazon Instant Video, and Vimeo. To learn more about the movie and trailer, please visit

Kurt Larson is a Bradley University graduate hailing from the suburbs of Chicago. His horror host hero was Son of Svengoolie (now just Svengoolie). His career and work can be found on his website, and he can be found hosting the podcast Stay Cool, Geek every week via iTunes.

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