Sophie Nélisse and Maxime Gibeault: rumors are confirmed

OMG ! Love is back in the heart of Sophie Nélisse and Maxime Gibeault … and it beats in unison! What we thought for a few months now is now confirmed by the lovebirds, after they have been separated for more than six months.

While we had crossed arm in arm on the red carpet of the film The disappearance of fireflies last September, Sophie had refused to inform the media about the nature of their relationship.

Since then, we have also seen them sharing beautiful moments in their Instagram stories … but now doubts spontaneously dissolved last night, while the actor of La Dérape shared a cliché breathing love and zen with the young actress 18 years old. A terribly cute phrase accompanied this one: ” I have so little idea of ​​what she says. I just find it really beautiful .

It is the young photographer Mathieu Lachapelle who has immortalized the magic moment bringing lovers together again.

Earlier this month, Sophie had also shared a cute photo, sowing deep doubt in our minds.

Obviously, it is now official: Sophie and Maxime form a couple again. And we can not be happier for lovebirds! Long live their love!

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