After bidding farewell to her role as Sansa Starck in Game of Thrones , the British actress is now ready to invest in a new character.

On Monday, the Quibi mobile streaming network, global entertainment company Gunpowder & Sky and EMH Consulting Group jointly announced that Sophie had been chosen to play in the new Survive thriller .

The actress will play Jane, alongside Corey Hawkins, whose plane crashes on the snowy summit of a mountain. With Paul (Hawkins), the only other survivor, they will fight to survive in extreme conditions.

“I can not be more honored than to interpret Jane’s role in Survive for Quibi. “ She said in a statement.

“He is a complex character who struggles against all odds to not only save his life, but also to find his own source of strength and courage. I only hope that it can have an impact on anyone who has a hard time valuing themselves, that they are braver than they know and looking for the support they need. “

Directed by Mark Pellington, Survive is based on Alex Morel’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name.

“After reading the script, it was clear that we had to find the right artist to take the lead role in Survive and we could not be happier than seeing Sophie accept the role. “ Said the CEO of Gunpowder & Sky, Van Toffler.

Although GoT fans are delighted that Sophie Turner is back on television, they do not dream of a return from Sansa:

“I think, you know, it’s been 10 years of my life and these are the 10 best years of my life by far, and I ended happily with Sansa, it’s time to let her go. “ She said.

“I feel that if I replayed it, it would be just another trauma. “

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