Soul: directors tell of Pixar movie’s alternate endings

Joe and 22’s fate could have taken unexpected paths …

Released direct on Disney + on December 25, Soul could have ended quite differently. Directors Pete Docter and Kemp Powers spoke to Entertainment Tonight  about the puzzle that was the conclusion of the Pixar film. How do you end a story that takes place between the “Great Before” and the Earth? “  There have been versions of the end where Joe doesn’t return to his body, where he stays dead. And we have others where we see Joe on Earth a year later,  ”says Kemp Powers. ” In the version where Joe does not recover his body, he became a mentor of the seminar ‘Who am I’, but a permanent mentor. He just stood there and ended up being the best mentor ever, bringing loads of new ideas. He was revolutionizing the seminary.  “

Pete Docter also assures that it was considered to show the Afterlife in Soul , with an ending where Joe went there after finishing his adventure with 22. The co-director describes the place as visually ” abstract ”   “. “  But we thought, ‘Uh, that’s probably not smart. And above all not good for the film, which is the most important  ”. 

As for 22, if we know that she was “born” after the story of Soul , we never discover her fate in the film. Which was almost different: “  We did two or three versions [of the end with 22], but the one I have in mind showed Joe as a music teacher, hearing someone knocking on his door. It was this kid who said to him: ‘I don’t really like the piano’. His mother replies: ‘Come on, Mr. Garner will teach you. And she does certain things that make Joe realize that he knows who it is… And yet, that wasn’t satisfactory. It just wasn’t  ”.

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