Spider-Man and Venom could end up in a new movie

Big fight in perspective or crossover friendly, the president of Marvel Studios said he would like to see both characters in the same adventure. Ten years after their brief meeting in Spider-Man 3.

They are perhaps the antagonists of the most famous comics. On one side, Spider-Man: valiant hero, implacable moral rigor, defending the widow and the orphan. On the other, Venom: his almost evil evil ego, perfect antithesis, both vicious and violent. In the original comic book, their meeting is most often around a good soup phalanges where all the shots are allowed and the brutal issue.

The first has 8 films to his credit: the trilogy of Sam Raimi , the aborted reboot in Dyptic Marc Webb , an animated feature film uber-cool and relaunched franchise with Tom Holland in the title role in two stand-alone. The second: a single film, potentially incubator of a future trilogy carried by the solid Tom Hardy . It could well be that the two enemy brothers will find themselves soon in one and the same film. Here we deliberately obscure their brief face-to-face a little sloppy in Spider-Man 3 

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, told Cinemablend the interest he has in this new meeting and the possibility of its realization: ” This concerns especially Sony, which has the rights of these two characters and in particular that of Venom I do not know their future projects and if they want to do that but I think it would be possible on a certain level. “

The boss of the studios refers to the knot-bag that is the adaptation rights of Spider-Man . For a long time Sony’s exclusive hands, the latter concluded in 2015 a market with Marvel so that the TWD appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In 2018, Sony, for its part, launched its own franchise thanks to the (anti-) hero Venom in the eponymous film and the derivative film Morbius , famous vampire of the Spider-Man franchise , with Jared Leto currently in production .

It’s hard to know if the film encounter between Spider-Man and Venom in a new film will ever be held. But if Spidey could land in the MCU and weave his canvas quietly … anything can happen. Meanwhile, to wait, the new opus of Spider-Man with Tom Holland, Far from home , will be released on July 3rd.

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