Stan Lee: The boss of Marvel Studios pays homage

While the famous co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and Avengers left us two weeks ago, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige recently released a tribute to the screenwriter on Entertainment Weekly …

Since the death of Stan Lee last November 12 at the age of 95, tributes flock to the Net to salute the memory of the legendary writer, co-creator of Marvel superheroes as iconic as Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man or the X-Men.

Three days ago, it was the turn of Kevin Feige , president of Marvel Studios and famous producer who works to translate on the big screen the characters of Stan Lee for almost 20 years now, to show his respect for the latter, and share their common memories in an article posted on Entertainment Weekly . Selected pieces…

“You’ve probably heard about this legend, which is true in my opinion, that when he was still a young screenwriter at Marvel Comics, Stan Lee was tired of always doing the same things, and his wife, Joan, encouraged to write the kind of stories he wanted to read.

That’s what gave the Fantastic Four. Then Hulk, and Spider-Man. Then Iron Man, and the X-Men, and all the rest. In the midst of his crazy run in the ’60s, he realized what he was creating, he saw that people reacted to his characters exactly as he had reacted to before the ancient myths that he read in his childhood (…).

Stan was a charismatic and eloquent spokesman for his characters, and in the field of comics in general. He was also a very progressive storyteller. He took risks, and he wrote what he believed. (…)

He believed in humanity in its best. He also believed in his faults, and in the fact that they could be defeated. (…)

Some of his lessons were not formulated. He did not come on the set to re-read the scripts or review the shots. He would arrive, make a cameo that excited everyone, and let his work speak for itself. (…)

When I sat next to his chair during our last interview, the very first thing he said to me was, ‘I know you want to give me a role in the next movie, but I’m going to have to stick to the cameos. You will have to leave the main roles to the other actors. I am sorry.’

He came to film sets for anything and everything. But one thing he always did was try to add dialogues. He always joked – but not really joking – that he wanted more dialogue, even though he understood why it was not possible.

God forgive me, he would have begun to eclipse the hero. It was something that a character like Stan Lee had no trouble doing. “

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