Take a Step Back and Do Not Fall Off the “Fitness Cliff” Because Gold’s Gym Tallahassee University is Here

Tallahassee, FL (PRWEB) February 28, 2014

The day most consumers give up their New Year’s fitness resolutions is called the “Fitness Cliff” and Gold’s Gym Tallahassee University is here to make sure gym goers do not fall off. February 7 is the start of the days that see the most people in the entire year “fall off the wagon.” Therefore, gyms around the nation experience rapidly declining memberships.

Those at risk of falling off the “Fitness Cliff” usually make New Year’s Resolutions to live a healthy lifestyle including joining a gym. Instead gym goers should be looking at a complete healthy lifestyle year round. Rather than setting long term, attainable goals for fitness, these cliff victims set unrealistic short term goals and become discouraged. Although it can be unsatisfying when one is dieting and exercising to see the scale refuses to budge, studies suggest that if a person wants to lose weight in the long term, gradual weight loss is better than fast weight lost.

New Year’s Resolutions to get in better shape, improve fitness and enjoy better health are very common, but not nearly as many individuals actually manage to follow through. Part of the problem is today’s hectic, frenzied lifestyle, but there are other issues that can force a consumer over the Fitness Cliff. Signs of impending failure include feeling too busy to make it to the gym, feeling anger at the amount of effort being put in with no visible results, a lack of motivation and a slow return to old, unhealthy habits. Some easy ways to not go over the cliff include finding exercises you enjoy. Gold’s Gym Tallahassee University offers so much diversity in classes and machines, that it is very simple for gym goers to find motivation and an exercise routine that will work best for them.

Complete health and wellness under one roof can help people to retain interest and make the most of their valuable time to avoid the cliff. That is why Gold’s Gym Tallahassee University offers include circuit training, spin classes, a cardio theater with the latest movies, private women’s facilities, and of course the most complete weight training services anywhere. In order to make sure that one can get the best workout possible, Gold’s Gym Tallahassee University also uses the most technologically advanced equipment available. Whether gym goers are looking to beef up, tone down, maintain the bodies they have worked so hard to get or just make climbing a flight of stairs easier, they will find that there is no better place for you in all of North Florida.

The leader in the personal fitness industry is also offering a free seven-day membership, as well as a free training session. However, for most consumers, the $ 75,000 reward offered to prevent Gold’s Gym members nationwide from falling into the fitness abyss is the most interesting aspect here. The 2013 Gold’s Gym Challenge reward program included $ 75,000 in cash prizes, as well as a Kinect Xbox 360 prize pack for every winner. The 2014 Gold’s Gym Challenge is underway and even more exciting.

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