In an interview for Elle Magazine , Taylor revealed that she felt “lower than ever” when Kim Kardashian launched a “hate campaign” against her. For the magazine, she had to write a list of 30 things she learned before she was 30 years old.

In number 27, she spoke about her dispute with Kim in 2016 …

“I learned that not being harassed can be as simple as learning to laugh. In hindsight, I came to understand that stalkers just want to feel feared and taken seriously.

A few years ago, someone launched a hate campaign online calling me a viper. The fact that so many people took part in this campaign made me feel lower than I have ever been in my life. “

If you had forgotten, Kim called Taylor a viper after accusing the singer of lying about the words Famous Kanye West.

Much has happened since then for Taylor, including his mother’s cancer fight. What made him want to direct “all his worry, his stress and his prayers to real problems”.

But she admits that excuses would not be too much …

“It would be nice if we could have an apology from those who harass us. But maybe all I’ll get is the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve gotten stronger. ”

Taylor turns 30 on Dec. 13, write it down!

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