Not allowed under 12 years

The White Lady. Terrifying specter, caught between heaven and hell, trapped by a terrible destiny of which she herself is the artisan. The mere mention of his name has sown terror in the world for centuries. When she was alive, she drowned her children in a fit of mad jealousy, then, devastated by grief, she threw herself into the raging river. 

From now on, her tears have become eternal. They are even mortal and everyone who hears his sinister calls at night is cursed. Tapie in the shadows, the White Lady attacks the children, desperate to replace his own. Over the centuries, she has become more and more predatory … and her methods are more and more terrifying.

Los Angeles, 1970s. The White Lady haunts the night … and the children. 
Ignoring the warnings of a mother suspected of violence against minors, a social worker and her children are projected into a most frightening supernatural world. To hope to survive the deadly fury of the White Lady, their only recourse is a disillusioned priest and her mystical practices to repel the forces of evil … on the border where fear and faith meet … 
Beware of her chilling tears … She is ready to do anything to drag you to darkness. Because his pain knows no respite – his tormented soul is not entitled to rest. And there is no way to escape the curse of the White Lady.

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