The day that Rami Malek took an exam instead of his twin brother

Sami Malek was to play an excerpt from a Greek play, so Rami pretended to be him!

While Bohemian Rhapsody is a hit at the movies, its main actor, Rami Malek , is more popular than ever before. The 37-year-old actor, already known for his supporting roles in the movies ( Night at the Museum, Twilight: Revelation …) and on television ( Gilmore Girls, The Pacific …) had already made a breakthrough thanks to the success of the Mr Robot series , but it was nothing compared to the phenomenon that is currently affecting him. Queen’s biopic is the current film of the moment, and her lead actor is acclaimed for her incarnation of Freddie Mercury.

So much so that he is invited on many television sets where he returns with humor on his career, but also his private life. Last month, he explained, for example, during Graham Norton’s show on BBC America, that he knew how to take advantage of his resemblance with his twin brother Sami to make some nice shots: he notably passed an exam in his place when they were in their twenties. “Yes, we were bad boys,” he replied with a laugh before saying that when Sami was studying at UCLA, he had to play an excerpt from a Greek play, but he had not learned his text. He then asked Rami, who was already dreaming to become an actor and multiplied theatrical experiences and auditions, to replace him.”It could give him bonus points so I went (…) The teacher called Sami Malek, usually when that’s the case, I look to my left, but then I got up. I played, and it pleased me to have an audience It worked a little too much, even: the students began to applaud me and in the end, the teacher looked at me and asked me to come and talk to him privately. ” The actor thought he was unmasked, but he was not: he got some extra points for his brother, who has since become a teacher!

A crisp anecdote, that Rami had already unveiled at the show of Jimmy Kimmel, in 2015. His brother Sami had even come on the flat at. “We do not look as much as before,” the actor regretted, ” but at the time we were really identical, we did a lot of nonsense with that.” After telling this story, he added that since the success of Mr Robot , he and his brother have gained popularity, especially among women. “Before, I was often told that I had a particular face, but now I am told that I am ‘exotic’, I like it, and I think it pleases him too! (Laughs) Even though most of the time When we are confused and he says he is my twin brother, people do not believe him! “

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