The gang of Hubert and Fanny meets during the heat wave

Who spoke of a definitive end for Hubert and Fanny? The show is well and truly over, but the distribution is not dissolved!

Some of the team members who met on the set of the popular series that made our hearts beat last winter came together to celebrate and enjoy the long weekend by having a good time with their beautiful gang around the table.

The handsome Thomas Beaudoin and our Mylène St-Sauveur came together with Olivia Palacci (aka Pastel), Rodley Pitt (Devin), Ariane Castellanos (Sabrina), makeup artist Marlène Rouleau, and the director Mariloup Wolfe on a beautiful terrace last night.

The beautiful blonde shared a cliché with her companions after the evening: “Even if Hubert and Fanny is finished, we our friendship continues …! A beautiful gang tight woven !! “

Brave, you say? It’s really hot! At least they seem to have enjoyed a hearty meal, several bottles of wine and fun in droves! The one we adored in Pastel’s character shared some terribly funny snapshots on Instagram, immortalizing their sweet moments of friendship and faceswap!

Long live their friendship!

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