The Lion King

The new version of Disney remains animation, but in digital.

Four years after his remarkable adaptation of The Jungle Book , Jon Favreau will release in 2019 a new version of another animated Disney classic, The Lion King . In “live action” ? If the studio speaks well of “live shots” in the press release, this future blockbuster seems to have been shot 100% in digital. On social networks, fans of the cartoon question, especially since James Wan, the director of Aquaman , used this term in a tweet. “Gaaaaahhh, I just saw the trailer of my favorite Disney live action! Favreau is a legend.” He then received many answers questioning the use of these words, several netizens assuming that no scene of a film was turned “in real” : Favreau not filming animals in motion, but having directly created them in CGI. The director quickly replied: “Yes, you are right, I was wrong using the words ‘live action’, I was just very excited, I hope they will credit the original movie.”

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