The Nutcracker

Deliver the cinematic equivalent of a lump of coal in a Christmas stocking, “The Nutcracker in 3D” is an obvious attempt Scrooge-like by the Russian filmmaker Andrei Konchalovskyto always ruin children’s associations with the classic Christmas ballet. Without the story more than dance and Tchaikovsky’smusic and fill the screen with images of less joyful Holocaust, this illegitimate effort should be spent in cinemas before Christmas.

Things to E.T.A. Hoffman adapted story, the film is set in early 20th century Vienna to best characterize both the special participation of Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein as one of the supporting characters. Thereof, as interpreted by a hammy Nathan Lane, is seen here appears as the amiable uncle Albert, who, with the gift holder for his young niece Mary (Elle Fanning) and nephew Max (Aaron Michael Drozin ).
Mary, by her selfish relatives (Richard E. Grant, Yulia Visotskaya) neglected, is enthusiastic about Nutcracker wood (voiced by Shirley Henderson) who quickly Dubs NC. But when the toy comes to life, he becomes entangled in the struggle for life and death, the young, to save his kingdom from the evil Rat King (John Turturro, wearing a wig fear and terrible teeth Phil Spector).
The villain and his henchmen goose step bearing no small resemblance to the Nazis, the plot developments that followed are uncomfortable in the extreme. You can see the complaints from parents accompany their tykes imagine what they imagine to be a holiday treat, only to find the images, including the burning of ashes- toys, but often seemingly stop the point of view “La Schindler’s List.”
Tchaikovsky classic, as well as excerpts from other compositions, this score is something here, but with lyrics by Tim Rice difficult chopped bland background music and songs (formerly known much more likely collaborations with the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Elton John) who were in the tangled story fell.
Was the film clearly on the shelf for several years (Fanning seems much younger than before the next “Somewhere”) was with converting Posts 3-D, which is already affecting visual muddy while raising success gussied ticket prices,
A 73-year veteran filmmaker whose career of extreme highs (“Siberiade”) to low (“Travelers without a license”) filed this undeniable ambition with this attempt to invent a loved classics. But who is comforting her younger members of the audience bruised, if not bored, his psyche.

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