The true nature: Mathieu Baron will open on the after Loft Story

True nature always brings together three guests who know each other little, but have one thing in common. This week, it’s their resilience to the sometimes devastating comments they’ve received that unite the artists Jean-Philippe Dion will receive in the Lac Brome cottage.

Melanie Maynard will tell about the efforts she had to make to get noticed, while Mathieu Baron will return to the rather difficult period that was for him the release of Loft Story, involving the change that had to prevail in the head of the public and media to forget his passage to reality. Fortunately, his tenacity will have borne fruit! Annie Pelletier, meanwhile, has hardly lived his entry into public life, a period that could have cost him his life.

The trio had a nice surprise that we will have a lot of fun to discover this Sunday: Paul Piché went to join them to conclude their stay in music!

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