Trailer: Will Smith transformed into a pigeon in Les Incognitos

In Troy Quane’s animated film, the “best spy in the world” flutters

Hands up ! Or rather, the wings …  The Incognitos  offers itself a new trailer boosted. Will Smith plays Lance Sterling, a high-flying spy, and Tom Holland replies by lending his voice to the young inventor Walter Beckett.

The duo has nothing in common: when Lance has everything for him and shines by his actions and his smile, Walter is shy but his great intelligence allows him to make the gadgets of the secret agent. Everything opposes them and yet they have to team up when the spy finds himself metamorphosed by accident into a pigeon. A   feathered movie buddy .

Troy Quane is fascinated by early spy movies. For his animated feature film stitched by Blue Sky Studios and co-produced with Fox, he has tapped into many spy movies … including our   national OSS 117 . The director gave us his inspirations in  an interview .

The film is due to make its nest in theaters on December 25th.

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