Uncut Gems gets paid a (very) short teaser

The Safdie brothers, authors of Good Time with Robert Pattinson, this time spotlight Adam Sandler in a new long-awaited urban thriller.

It’s brief. Less than thirty seconds. A clap, a camera approaching Adam Sandler , all dressed in black and the mouth swollen, before stopping on his face in close – up. Initially, the actor jokes with the team off field before entering the skin of his character in the blink of an eye. Literally. A date appears: September 24, 2019. This is not the release date of Uncut Gems … But that of the official trailer. It’s clear, precise, almost anecdotal, but curiously this camera sweep, Sandler’s face bloody with cotton in the pif, his smile and his scowl and the saturation saturated voices have something hypnotic. From fascinating.

The first trailer for @JOSH_BENNY’s #UncutGems, starring Adam Sandler, is coming this Tuesday.

Uncut Gems is the new film by Joshua and Ben Safdie, the spearheads of an underground and broke cinema, which, with each new film, continues to take the lead while keeping some form of independence and realization the hard. Since Good Time , released in 2017 and putting the mega-star Robert Pattinson in the role of an amateur and unlucky robber falling from Charybdis in Scylla, the Safdie brothers have a little more caught the attention of the general public. We say thank you who? Thank you R-Pattz. In Uncut Gems , the tandem of filmmakers chose Adam Sandler who returns to serious things since Punch Drunk Love , his role of maturity under the leadership of Paul Thomas Anderson in 2002.

Adam Sandler recently confided in the  Los Angeles Times  : ” I’m glad we worked so much on the film, it was very exciting to do, especially for me, it’s the most exciting film I’ve ever done I’m glad these guys [the Safdie brothers] finally get the recognition they deserve – they’re big bosses when they’re so young. “The actor with the twelve nominations at the Razzie Awards ( antithesis of the Oscars) wants to restore a health? Still, the film was very well received at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, praising its performance on the wire. While Les Incrocks speaks of a ” sun-king around whom secondary stars are endlessly turning“, The Guardian scores a” remarkable performance “in a” daring, energized and exhausting “film In Uncut Gems , Sandler plays a New York jeweler, a little schemmer on the edges, seeing his life switch when his merchandise is stolen The feature film is an A24 production that will be distributed internationally by Netflix, its release is scheduled for December 13 in US cinemas.In France, it will be sufficient, as usual, a dematerialized output on the famous VOD platform.

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