US Box Office: Downton Abbey defeats Brad Pitt and Sylvester Stallone

While Ad Astra and Rambo: Last Blood get down, Downton Abbey takes a very good first place. (Source: The French Film)

Downton Abbey takes first place in the box office by breaking a record: the best start made by a film distributed in the US by Focus Features, the “indie” division of Universal. Yes, Downton Abbey and his dramas of the English nobility in the 1920s started better than Insidious: Chapter 3 (22.7 million in 2015). The movie taken from the famous British TV series and produced for less than $ 20 million stakes no less than 31 million at its start. A success largely due to a much older audience than the average audience: Universal was right to release the film in theaters and not-for example- on its future streaming site, Peacock, which is scheduled to go online. April 2020. Is the success of the filmDownton Abbey will restart the series (the sixth and last season was broadcast in 2015), or generate a sequel to the cinema?

Ad Astra and Rambo: Last Blood are in close combat for second place, and Ad Astra wins by a very short header. James Gray’s SF odyssey with Brad Pitt is worth $ 19.2 million on startup, while the fifth Rambo with Sylvester Stallone is making $ 19 million. Ad Astra was produced for between $ 80 million and $ 100 million, but Brad Pitt himself said the startup was less important than the actual quality of the film  :“For most of our films, and I think that’s a mistake, the quality is measured by box-office startup, and you’ll be told from the first weekend whether it’s a success or a failure. all my favorite works, I only saw them afterwards. ”  In addition, Brad refuses to campaign at the Oscars despite his double performance in Tanratino’s Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood and Ad Astra . In any case, for Disney who distributes the film (under the banner Fox), things are clear and Ad Astra , despite its excellent critical welcome, is not likely to be considered a triumph. This is however the best start for a film by James Gray, far ahead of The Night belongs to us (10.8 million in 2007).

Rambo: Last Blood is therefore 19 million: it’s a better start than John Rambo’s in 2008 (18 million and a few) but it’s still worse than the start of the two Creed (29 and 35 million) or the The first two Expendables (34 and 28 million If Last Blood starts better than Expendables 3 (15 million, a failure due to piracy), the fifth Rambo, descended by the US critics, was produced for 50 million and will have a lot of trouble to repay on US soil.

That: Chapter 2 reports $ 17.2 million for its third weekend, for an American total of $ 179.1 million. And all over the world, That: Chapter 2 is at 358.8 million. Fine, but remember that the first It reported 327.4 million in late career in the USA … for a worldwide total of 700 million. In summary, That: Chapter 2 is almost half as bad as the first. His very average critical reception and his duration of 2:50 did not help.

Finally, Queens reports 17 million in the second week: after a good start last week, the distributor STX decided to deploy the film in 275 additional rooms. Queens won in two weeks 62.5 million while it would have cost only 20 small millions. The rogue strippers led by Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu are already among the big winners of 2019.

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