Who will find the “ultimate wink” hidden in Guardians of the Galaxy?

James Gunn is having fun with fans of his blockbuster on Twitter.

And if we took advantage of the rebirth of the Guardians of the Galaxy on Sunday evening on TF1 to try to find its ultimate “easter egg” ? James Gunn ensures that a detail has still not been deciphered by fans of the film. Even if a wink was recently seen during Stan Lee’s cameo , there is still one …

News of September 18, 2015: The director of Guardians of the Galaxy  is completely addicted to social networks. He regularly answers questions from Internet users on Facebook and Twitter, and in recent days, he has fun driving fans of his huge success. He has indeed hidden tons of jokes and winks from movies and music he adores, from his friends or from his own career within the Marvel blockbuster. Première had deciphered a few when it was released, dividing its easter eggs into two categories:

Since the film was released on DVD and blu-ray, viewers have been able to dwell on the details of the film, and have discovered even more winks. James Gunn  assures, however, that there remains one that no one has seen. How did he escape fans of the film for so long? This situation greatly amuses its creator. “I have just seen The Guardians of the Galaxy for the millionth time and I would swear that I saw Red Skull there” , for example sends him a twittos. The Captain America villain  would be hidden in the Collector’s museum played by Benicio del Toro? “No, but you have discovered the original inhabitant of this showcase: Stan Lee  !” ,

Many Internet users having lent themselves to the game, the director ended up tweeting that it was out of the question for him to give clues … while playing on words, which could in fact be a clue! “Ready Player One” may be a reference to Ernest Cline’s SF novel published in 2011 that Steven Spielberg  would like to adapt. Knowing that it takes a sentence from the film  The Last Starfighter  released in the 1980s, could it be that this cult feature for science fiction lovers is somewhere hidden in The Guardians ? And  “No Money or Nothing” is a nod to the song by Dire Straits  “Money For Nothing” ? 

Suggestions of this type have continued to flourish on social networks since the message from Gunn, who once again outbid by denying an “analysis” : “When Quill touches the orb and sees his mother, he is the Millennium Falcon in the background? ” asks Kathryn. Absolutely not ! “You imagine really incredible easter eggs (too bad they do not exist)!” , concludes -for now- James Gunn. So ? Who will find the “ultimate wink” hidden in Guardians of the Galaxy ?

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