With Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese concocts a dizzying sensory puzzle

The thriller with Leonardo DiCaprio celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Happy birthday ,  Shutter Island  ! In February 2010, Martin Scorsese’s film was a favorite for Première, who appreciated when it left the filmmaker’s tortuous staging as much as the talent of his actors, Leonardo DiCaprio in mind.

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Dennis Lehane ( Gone Baby Gone ), Shutter Island takes its name from an island off the coast of Boston (whose name is the anagram of “truths and lies” ), where a psychiatric hospital for murderers stands . Inspector Teddy Daniels and his teammate Chuck Aule were called by the authorities because one of the patients, Rachel Solando, is missing. How did she get out of a locked cell from the outside? The only clue: a sheet of paper on which one can read a series of numbers and letters with no apparent meaning. Inconsistent work of a patient or cryptogram? The two police officers sink into an increasingly opaque and frightening world,

Our verdict? “Is it the nature of the story imagined by Dennis Lehane, the intelligence of Scorsese’s staging or the instinct of Leonardo DiCaprio? The result is there: each scene has several levels of interpretation which vary according to the This is also the key to this investigation, told in the first person by the policeman embodied with the fever necessary by DiCaprio, Scorsese reveling in recreating the 1950s, referring to the films that fueled his cinephilia for sublimate them into a dizzying sensory puzzle. Apart from DiCaprio, who replaced De Niro as Scorsese’s favorite soloist and who finds here one of his most adjusted roles, the filmmaker offered a dozen performers opportunity to excel, even if some only appear in one scene. “

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