Wonder Woman 1984: what’s going on in the post-credits scene?

Patty Jenkins’ film obviously contains a small sequence at the end of the credits.

Warning, spoilers to follow on Wonder Woman 1984 . 

It was due out with us on December 16, but the reopening of theaters was postponed to a later date, still totally unclear today. On the other side of the Atlantic, Wonder Woman 1984  is, however, already visible on Warner’s streaming platform, HBO Max, as well as in American theaters which have remained open. And Entertainment Weekly  teaches us the content of its post-credits scene, which is more of a wink than a real teasing of the sequel ( spoilers, you have been warned ).

Between two clashes between Wonder Woman, Max Lord and Cheetah / Barbara Minerva, the film tells that a former Amazon by the name of Asteria fought against the Men with her golden and winged armor, which Diana wears elsewhere in the third act of Wonder Woman 1984 . In the post-credits sequence, a woman filmed from behind saves a baby from a post that was about to fall on her in the middle of a market. If the realization initially suggests that it is Diana Prince, it is in fact Lynda Carterwho reveals his face on the screen. The Wonder Woman from the 70s TV series is now 69 years old, so she plays Asteria in Patty Jenkins’ film. We understand that she has been acting in the shadows since her departure from Themyscira, certainly hundreds (thousands?) Of years ago.

It is known that Lynda Carter was approached for a cameo in the first Wonder Woman , but was unable to make herself available. The actress is now fully a part of DC mythology in cinema. See you in Wonder Woman 3 , already ordered by Warner Bros?

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