Wonder Woman: In 2011, Pedro Pascal was already in the pilot of the series!

The actor hoped to break through with this show worn by Adrianne Palicki … which was canceled after his pilot.

If Pedro Pascal has become very popular for some time, especially thanks to his roles in the series Narcos and The Mandalorian , this was not yet the case in 2011, when he was approached to play a policeman in the series Wonder Woman , by David E. Kelley (who was already famous thanks to The Practice or Ally McBeal ). The Chilean-American actor had then shot in a few episodes of Buffy the vampire slayer or CSI , and hoped that this show would allow him to be spotted by the public and producers. Bad pick, it was a flop: only the pilot was shot, before NBC decided to abandon the series.

However, there are still a few images of this aborted project, in particular of the comedian in the company of the main actress Adrianne Palicki, and the person concerned is today having fun having been hired on the blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 without even the team does not relate to his first disastrous experience in this superheroic universe. He embodies the evil Maxwell Lord facing Gal Gadot in this sequel still directed by Patty Jenkins, and as he explains to Variety , no one told him about the series on the set!

“(Being hired by NBC on this show) It was a dream come true for me. When I graduated from college, David E. Kelley’s influence was so huge, and I followed every episode of Friday Night. Lights (a cult series in the United States worn by Adrianne Palicki).I told myself that no matter how good the show was, it would necessarily be broadcast and that would help me significantly improve my financial situation, even if it was canceled mid-season. Except that after the pilot, it was never bought! So I went back to make appearances in crime shows like CSI. It was a very difficult year for me, I had very little work. (When I was cast for the 1984 Wonder Woman movie) We never talked about the show. Either they didn’t know or they didn’t care, I don’t know. In any case, it was anecdotal, it went completely over their heads! “

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