Would Kylie Jenner’s baby have the same name as a Unit 9 character

Kylie Jenner announced a few minutes ago via her Instagram page that her baby girl is ultimately named Stormi. We preferred to believe that she would call her baby in tribute to Unity 9, but all tastes are in nature!

If this did not pique your curiosity, nothing will be able. Numerous speculations already surround the baby name of Kylie Jenner, a baby girl born on February 1st of her union with rapper Travis Scott. Recall that the young businesswoman had almost disappeared in recent months, leaving us in a blur almost out of the ordinary whether it was waiting for a child, a procedure that surprised us from this family who reveals his life on the small screen for 10 years now.

On social networks, many have tried to read between the lines of the video revealed by the young mother after the official announcement of the birth of his daughter. The cherished child of America would be called Mariposa, according to the theoreticians of the Internet, a very pretty name meaning “butterfly” in Spanish. Note however that this is also the name of the character of a young addict, played by Sabrina Bégin Tejeda, in Unit 9. Maybe Kylie is she really a fan of Danielle Trottier? We would understand it!

These theories are born of a series of chances too numerous not to draw conclusions. First, Kris Jenner reportedly announced a new addition to Kylie’s cosmetics line by announcing an anniversary edition of the lipstick named Posie K, the very day of her granddaughter’s birth. Posie, a diminutive of Mariposa? Not so crazy!

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