Xavier Dolan disappears from Twitter

We had not seen her coming, that one. Xavier Dolan dropped a quiet bomb on his social networks, while he made his last farewell to his Twitter account. The one who used to exchange (often warmly) with his subscribers, fans and detractors daily on the platform has promptly left, without leaving a trace.

“My friends, I decided to close this account. It’s a personal choice based on what I want to prioritize. I find myself sucked into debates full of hatred while I would rather ignore them instead of wasting my time. I’ll see you on Instagram, where I’ll be able to focus on what really matters: Harry Styles sets on tour, “he wrote before closing his count.

The young director certainly has other cats to whip since he got a role in the sequel of the movie It, based on Stephen King’s novel. Between two scenes of Jessica Chastain cut to edit his next film, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, he also works on another feature film, Matt & Max, in which Anne Dorval once again play the mother of his character.

So long, Xavier Dolan!

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