Zayn has just released a new killing , from his album Icarus and fans have immediately shouted the hymn to love.

Is his song an ode to his story with Gigi Hadid?

There Are You talks about the kind of love that survives doubts and hardships and refers to their careers, their priorities and their connection from the beginning.

“The friends I counted on are unreliable.
They flee like rivers.
But not you … ”

Or again :

” In private, I put myself in difficulties.
Without you it’s worse. ”

Zayn and Gigi are put together is in 2015 and despite a break of short duration in April 2018, they did seem a rather stable and balanced relationship.

During their separation, Zayn had confided that Gigi had been his muse for most of the writing of his previous album.

“I intended to be in love with this person for the rest of my life and his life, just like everyone else. “

Another proof that the song speaks well of their story are those words that speak of public life and love at a distance.

“When you’re trapped in the crowd.
Prisoner in the air, here you are. “

In a previous interview he said:

” She is super organized and I’m really not. It helps me to bring a little organization in my life. I rest a lot on her. ”

Love can not be dead in 2018 after all.

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